Stock market symbols , Use of Stock market symbols in NSE and BSE

Are you confused over deciphering what stock market symbols are? Well, you need to know everything about stocks, market, symbols and lots more. So let us have a look at the symbols first.

Stock ticker

When we speak of symbols, we refer to the abbreviations of a corporation’s name which became well known as a stock ticker. The symbols can vary according to different types of stocks and different markets across the world. Stock symbols are composed of alphabets and the alphabets may vary from one to five characters in terms of length. Let us give an example – the symbols for Microsoft Corporation is MSFT. Another example can be of General Motors which is GM. So you can find different symbols for different corporations in the stock market. There is always one to three letters for the stock symbols in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). On the other hand, stock symbols in the American Stock Exchange (ASE) always comprises of three letters.

If you wish to find more stock symbols for different corporations, then you can find it on the Internet. Now coming to the investment in the market, it is very wise to invest in shares and stocks very carefully. Remember to avoid risk but not investing too much money because there are chances of crashes in the market. So, try to avoid risk as much as you can. If you are new to the Indian stock market, then you will naturally feel quite intimidating and scary. But as you go on further with your investments in the market, you will come to know and understand the market scenario.

Watch list – What is it?

There are some stocks which can have multiple symbols for stocks of different classes. So you should always pay attention to which one you are going to select. Once you select your right symbol, you would be able to enter it on your ‘watch list.’

Now are you wondering what is watch list? Well, most brokerages provide you with a list on your account so that you can track the price of your stock in case it moves hopefully up. This is known as ‘watch list.’  Do try to manage your cash when you invest in the market.

As already said, there are many things to understand in the market. So, make a good decision and invest wisely and try to grab the full knowledge of stock market symbols.


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