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Packages for Different Investment needs with sharetipsinfo

If you are looking for information on the stock market and you do not know which website to go for, then your search ends here. is here to provide you with live Indian stock market recommendations on your mobile phone as well as on yahoo messenger. There are different packages for different investment needs with sharetipsinfo. You can go for different stocks available in the Indian stock market when you visit this website.


Go for investment options

No investors wish to lose their money in the stock market. So, in order to invest in the stock market, one should make a good research of the market. There can be bad feelings that are associated with losing money quickly enter investors’ minds, which can result in blurred and emotional investment decisions. So, it should be your decision when and where to invest your money in the stock market. In one can be sure to which stocks would be beneficial for them to get higher returns. has got experienced team of stock market analyst who makes good research of the market daily. What’s more, they keep track of the market conditions minute after minute. Whether the market is a bullish or bearish, you do not have to worry as this website will tell you how to deal with the different conditions of the market. Whether you are at home or office or traveling, you will be provided with the latest news of the stock market.


Packages for you brings you an excitement package that provides you 5-6 NIFTY alerts about market trend with updated Nifty levels. And you would have clear spot of where the market will go. You will also get to know movement of 20-25 points minimum expected one it cross or break mentioned level. All alerts will be provided in market hours by instant sms only.


There are silver cash package, gold future package, combi package, limited call package, brokers special package. So, why wait? You can make the payments by credit card or bank transfer. So, choose from the wide range of packages for different investment needs with sharetipsinfo.


All about market cycles by Indian stock market advisor sharetipsinfo

If you wish to make maximize returns on your investments or trading returns, then it is very important that you understand the concept of market cycles. Without knowing the cycles of market, you would not be able to maximize your return. So let us understand the different types of cycles and find out how you can recognize them. But you should always keep in mind that you need to learn about NSE, BSE…etc so that you get full knowledge of the functioning of the market.


Accumulation Phase


This phase occurs when experienced traders begin to buy or invest in the stock market figuring that the worst is over after the market has bottomed. Here the seller can expect to pick the stocks at a healthy discount. Overall market sentiment starts to switch from negative to neutral stage. This is known as accumulation phase in the market.


Mark-Up Phase


Here in this phase, the Indian stock market becomes stable for a while and it begins to move higher. This group may include technicians who see that the market is putting in higher highs and higher lows and they estimate that the direction and sentiments of the market have changed. But here unemployment continues to rise and there would be media stories that the possibility of the worse is over. The market volumes begin to increase substantially when this phase comes to an end. In mark-up phase sentiment of the market moves from neutral to bullish.


Distribution Phase


This is the third phase of the cycle where sellers begin to dominate. In the previous phase we saw that the sentiment of the market moved from neutral to bullish. So, in distribution phase, the previous phase turns into a mixed sentiment. This phase can come as well as go very quickly. In this phase, you can see classic patterns like double and triple tops. What’s more, you can also expect head and shoulders top patterns during the distribution phase.


The distribution phase is considered to be a very emotional period for the markets. This is because investors always gripped by complete fear and they might become greedy as well. Sentiments changes but slowly. So, you have come to understand the different market cycles.

Online Stock Trading Gives You a Freedom of Trade

Online stock trading is the only option for you when it comes to being in control of your financial future. You can make a research of the various companies where you can research online and make your own decision whether you wish to go for the particular state. You know that online stock trading gives you a freedom of trade. Let us learn more how you can go for online stock trading.


Got a computer and an Internet?

You should have a computer at home with an Internet connection where you can surf the Internet. You can find many online brokers who assist you in choosing the right stocks for you. It is always better to go for a good and experienced broker who has got all the updates of the market conditions. Make sure you have a trading account so that you can trade online.


Also you should be very careful when you choose the website where you wish to trade. There are many websites where it asks you for your credit card details. But you must be very careful not to reveal any of your credit card details account. You need to be very careful as investing in the stock market is very risky and you cannot predict the market. There would be times where you can make a good profit and then the other day you may lose all your cash in the stock market.


Research the stocks

It is very important that you make a good research of the market before investing in the Indian stock market. Unless you make a good research of the market, you cannot get a good return from the stocks that you have invested. So, study well about the different concepts in the market. Do not go by your friend’s decision. It is your money and you are solely responsible for your investment.


There is no trade tax that you need to pay when you go for online stock trading. So, online stock trading gives you a freedom of trade. This is the reason why people go for online stock trading.


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Bharti Airtel out of top-10 m-cap list; ICICI Bank at 10th place

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ICICI Bank on Wednesday toppled Bharti Airtelto become the country’s 10th most valued firm in terms of market capitalisation, pushing the telecom major out of the top-10 list following a sharp fall in its share price after it posted a sharp dip in first quarter profit.

Bharti Airtel’s scrip was under pressure, down 4.4 per cent on the BSE in early trade, as its net profit declined 37 per cent to Rs 762.2 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2012 – the tenth straight quarterly fall.

As a result, Airtel’s m-cap slipped to Rs 1,08,305 crore, making it the 11th most valued firm, as against ICICI Bank’s Rs 1,12,006 crore m-cap which pushed it to 10th place.

Market experts blamed the fall in Bharti’s scrip and market cap to below-expectation results.

Another analyst, Ankita Somani, Research Analyst-IT & Telecom, Angel Broking said, “Bharti reported disappointing performance for Q1 FY13, with net profit declining for 10th straight quarter due to higher operating costs. Overall the results were subdued.”

Meanwhile, shares of ICICI Bank were trading at Rs 971.5, down marginally by 0.24 per cent.

The top-10 list is led by RIL with m-cap of Rs 2,59,409 crore, followed by TCS (Rs 2,45,141 cr), ONGC (Rs 2,37,885 cr), Coal India (Rs 2,19,462 cr), ITC (Rs 2,04,529 cr), HDFC Bank (Rs 1,40,568 cr), SBI (Rs 1,39,332 cr), NTPC (Rs 1,37,740 cr), Infosys (Rs 1,31,154 cr) and ICICI Bank (Rs 1,12,006 cr).

Online Brokerage and Its Benefits The Best Ways To Score High In The Market


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Online brokerage has become very popular in recent years and it is very easy to get a broker online. So, let us have a look at online brokerage and its benefits the best ways to score high in the market. We will have a look at how we can deal with online brokers in the Indian stock market.

How to deal with online brokerage?

As you are familiar that online brokerage deals with its client with the help of the Internet. These are people who offer quick executions and also provide service at a much lower commission as compared to other brokers. But it is very important to know how to deal with online brokerage. It is also important that you get share tips from them.

The client simply need to go online and look for a good online stock broker’s website and then place his trading order. It is very important that you choose the right type of stock for you. You should keep in mind that it is your hard earned money and you cannot give it to go waste in anyways. So keeping in mind this thing, you should look for a good prospect that would help you to earn good bucks. Regarding the online brokerage, all the investments are done online through online stock broker. If you are looking for a good stock broker, then it is always a good option to choose a successful broker who has good reputation. You should also look for your friends who would be able to suggest you a good broker. A client also gets an added advantage to access his account 24/7 and can also find the details of the transaction as per his convenience. What’s more, it also gives a hands-on approach to people who love to manage their investments by their own.

Risk associated with online brokers

There is always a risk in investment and so the risk associated with an online brokerage service is that he is not always present in person to help you explain all the risks involved. Also there may be a time lapse between the placement of order and actual processing of the order. So do try to know about online brokerage and its benefits the best ways to score high in the market so that you can get a good broker who would help you in choosing the right investments for you.

What is a market order?

In stock markets there are different types of orders whish is used to buy and sell stocks. Primarily there are three orders types – market orders, limit orders, and stop orders. Well, in this article we will mainly focus on the market order. So, let us have a look at this type of order that exists in the stock market.


What is a market order?

A market order is a type of order that is used to buy or sell a stock at the current market price. However if you are a trader, you would not be guaranteed to get the exact price you wish but you can be quite sure that your order will take place. This is not the same with limit orders, where it is used to buy or sell a stock at a specified price. In limit orders, it is quite the opposite. Here in limit orders, the trader is not guaranteed that their orders will be executed but they can be quite sure that they would get the price they want. You can also get market-with-protection orders where the market order gets converted to limit orders when the price of the Indian stock market drastically changes between the execution and the placing of the order.


Advantages and disadvantages

Investors go for a market order because they find many advantages. The most important advantage that an investor gets in a market order is that the transaction is processed immediately. So you do not have to worry whether your stocks would hit a particular price. But every coin has two ends. So it cannot be said that a market order does not have any disadvantages. The most important drawback in a market order is that you cannot control the price that you are willing to pay for the stock. You might not realize the exact price that you expect whether you are buying or selling off your shares.


So, if you wish to know more about market orders, then you can get it on the Internet. You can also look for share tips if you wish. So, make a good research and invest your money wisely.