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All about market cycles by Indian stock market advisor sharetipsinfo

If you wish to make maximize returns on your investments or trading returns, then it is very important that you understand the concept of market cycles. Without knowing the cycles of market, you would not be able to maximize your return. So let us understand the different types of cycles and find out how you can recognize them. But you should always keep in mind that you need to learn about NSE, BSE…etc so that you get full knowledge of the functioning of the market.


Accumulation Phase


This phase occurs when experienced traders begin to buy or invest in the stock market figuring that the worst is over after the market has bottomed. Here the seller can expect to pick the stocks at a healthy discount. Overall market sentiment starts to switch from negative to neutral stage. This is known as accumulation phase in the market.


Mark-Up Phase


Here in this phase, the Indian stock market becomes stable for a while and it begins to move higher. This group may include technicians who see that the market is putting in higher highs and higher lows and they estimate that the direction and sentiments of the market have changed. But here unemployment continues to rise and there would be media stories that the possibility of the worse is over. The market volumes begin to increase substantially when this phase comes to an end. In mark-up phase sentiment of the market moves from neutral to bullish.


Distribution Phase


This is the third phase of the cycle where sellers begin to dominate. In the previous phase we saw that the sentiment of the market moved from neutral to bullish. So, in distribution phase, the previous phase turns into a mixed sentiment. This phase can come as well as go very quickly. In this phase, you can see classic patterns like double and triple tops. What’s more, you can also expect head and shoulders top patterns during the distribution phase.


The distribution phase is considered to be a very emotional period for the markets. This is because investors always gripped by complete fear and they might become greedy as well. Sentiments changes but slowly. So, you have come to understand the different market cycles.


What is a market order?

In stock markets there are different types of orders whish is used to buy and sell stocks. Primarily there are three orders types – market orders, limit orders, and stop orders. Well, in this article we will mainly focus on the market order. So, let us have a look at this type of order that exists in the stock market.


What is a market order?

A market order is a type of order that is used to buy or sell a stock at the current market price. However if you are a trader, you would not be guaranteed to get the exact price you wish but you can be quite sure that your order will take place. This is not the same with limit orders, where it is used to buy or sell a stock at a specified price. In limit orders, it is quite the opposite. Here in limit orders, the trader is not guaranteed that their orders will be executed but they can be quite sure that they would get the price they want. You can also get market-with-protection orders where the market order gets converted to limit orders when the price of the Indian stock market drastically changes between the execution and the placing of the order.


Advantages and disadvantages

Investors go for a market order because they find many advantages. The most important advantage that an investor gets in a market order is that the transaction is processed immediately. So you do not have to worry whether your stocks would hit a particular price. But every coin has two ends. So it cannot be said that a market order does not have any disadvantages. The most important drawback in a market order is that you cannot control the price that you are willing to pay for the stock. You might not realize the exact price that you expect whether you are buying or selling off your shares.


So, if you wish to know more about market orders, then you can get it on the Internet. You can also look for share tips if you wish. So, make a good research and invest your money wisely.

Speculated stocks in Indian stock market

When you invest in a stock market, you should be fully aware of the latest market happenings so that you know when and where to invest. In this article we will focus on the concept of speculated stock. So if you are a novice investor then you should know all the aspects about the stock market.

What Is It Exactly?


Speculation of stock means the process that selects investments with higher risk so that it can anticipate price movement in order to make profit. It cannot be categorized as a traditional form of investment as the risk involved is much higher than average. In short, it represents an “investment.”  This type of speculation involves the stock short-selling, buying, selling, holding of stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and so on. It could be any financial instrument that seeks to profit from price fluctuation as opposed to buying it for it for income methods like interests or dividends.


More About Speculation Of Stocks


Speculation of stocks does not exist in many small commercial markets such as cattle, orange juice, pork bellies…etc but it does exists in the massively in more important global markets such as petroleum or foreign exchange. You should be focused on many stock market related topics like Sensex, BSE, NSE, NASDAQ…etc if you wish to invest and reap more benefits. This is also important so that you can get to know more about the market findings.


There are also some shortages and surpluses of stock market speculation. Suppose a harvest is too small to satisfy consumption at its normal rate, then what would the speculators do? Well, the speculators would come in with the hope of making profit by buying in the Indian stock market. On the other hand, when the price is high then the speculators would try to sell it. This in turns reduces the price thereby encouraging consumption and exports.


So, when you think that you need more information on speculated stock or any other things, then do get a good knowledge about it. You can also search through the Internet where you will get much idea about it.

Stock Analysis, Stock market tips, Indian stock market tips

A stock market analysis is an evaluation of the market in an attempt to predict future market actions or to provide a general insight into the market. Basically there are two types of stock analysis: technical analysis and fundamental stock market analysis. A technical analyst performs a stock market analysis by looking at market trends and chart patterns, and analyzes past market actions. A fundamental analyst looks at a company’s financial records, its assets, its market share, the quality of its management, its products and other data specific to a company or a market sector when making a stock market analysis. Each type of stock market analysis is used in an attempt to understand current and future market actions. Apart from this you should have some idea about BSE, NSE, NASDAQ…etc

Fundamental research

Most stock analysis is done through fundamental research. Analysts base their stock analysis upon potentially improved earnings over a specific period of time. This is how most MBAs are taught as far as the basis for stock analysis. Unfortunately, there is one major flaw with this approach. The fundamental elements may be pertinent today but may not be important in six months from now. This becomes the biggest risk for long-term stock analysis. In years past, the fundamentals of a company could be anticipated for the future based upon one fundamental projection. The technology of that company/industry was not likely to change very fast. Until recently, meaning the past decade, the technological improvements of most industries was relatively slow.

That is not true today. Stock market analysis today has one major additional criteria. What are the technological improvements in that industry capable of doing in the near future? The near future could mean anywhere between three months to three years. What might be a viable advantage for a company today, with the announcement of improved technology, could be completely negated in mere months if new technology enters that market. We are living in a technology boom. Investors in the share market may have seen the bubble back in the early 2000’s but that was a bubble in technology stock prices, not technology itself.

Trend analysis

Let us talk about trend analysis. There are various ways of trying to determine the trend of the market. This can be done by using moving averages, various indicators, various filtering techniques, an algorithm technique, and with the market cycle tops and bottoms technique. All these methods have a market time lag associated with the results, but they can still be quite effective.

Tops and bottoms analysis of the market is reasonably simple, but it has a few little quirks associated with it that you must understand. I will attempt to explain this technique. The market or stock behavior is comprised of some small cycles in about 8 days in duration, 4 days up and 4 days down. If this cycle really held, you could simply find the bottom, buy, and sell in 4 days and make a lot of money. It isn’t quite that simple, but if you investigate the data (it is more prevalent in an index like the S&P 500) you will be able to see the cycles. In general, you will be able to identify the top of the cycle and the bottom of the cycle. If you are in a BULL or rising market, the tops and bottoms will be rising, and of course if they are falling you are in a BEAR or falling market. As these rising or falling amounts change, the strength of the trend is changing. If you study the tops and bottoms relationships you can get a good indication of market strength and trend.

You can use the early indication as the top is not rising well for a BULL market as an exit criteria or the bottom is not falling well for a BEAR market. Or you can wait until the results of the next cycle, but of course that will give you some decision lag. You can also use a combination of the top and bottom to cut that lag in half. It by itself is not a complete trading system philosophy, but rather a effective trend analysis technique. So the two techniques fundamental analysis and the technical research are the most popularly used techniques of stock analysis.

With Discount Brokers – Why pay more

If you are new to the stock market, then you should know how to make investment in the market. With discount brokers – why pay more? Yes, there are many discount brokers who could show you the right direction and make you know more about the market and that too in a low cost. So, you need not have to burn a hole in the pocket to know more about the market. Let us have a look about the discount broker and also we will discuss about the types of firms.

About discount brokers

When we say, “discount brokers”, we mean brokers who offer an execution service in the Indian stock market and where you can tell them to buy or sell or whatever and they would do exactly the things you have requested but nothing more than that. There are brokers that provide you with monthly newsletters and that too with recommendations. But you ‘will find some brokers who never trade futures and what’s more, they do not even talk to a futures broker in the stock market. Then there are brokers who would not let you buy, “no-load” mutual funds for commissions which is lesser than 0.5%

Choosing the right broker

In today’s world, you will find many brokers who are very clever and eats up all your money by making false promises and at the end of the day you are bankrupt. So it is very important that you choose your broker very carefully so that you do not fall prey to the wrong person and let your cash go away in the wrong place.

Types of firms

There are different types of firms — Full service discount is one where it provides service from a full-service broker at about half the cost. Then there is “discount” that do not have any local branch offices or research departments. In this case, they charge commission of about one-third the rice of a full service broker. Then there is “deep discount” that executes only stock and option trades.

So you do not have to pay more because with discount brokers – why pay more?

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How To Get The Perfect Timing For My Profit From The Market?

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To be successful in the stock market you need to make plans how to invest in the stock market exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX very carefully. It is only after you take the right step in the market that you can make the best gains from your investment. If you are not sure about the stock market situation then it would be much difficult to make the best profit from your investment. You also need to take the right decision yourself if you are eager to get the maximum gains. The stock market is something which is very unpredictable for you and you should get the right information on how you can carry out on your research in the market. If you fail to make the right decision of the stocks then it would be quite more difficult to make the maximum profits. One has to know how he or she is going to invest in the stocks looking at the best market condition. It is difficult to identify the real stocks as where to invest and the stocks that you should not try to make your investment. You have to let your confidence go high and then try to get the best stocks from the market by researching the market very carefully If you are able to do so then you would not have to get worried to get the maximum profit out of your investment. In case you are not at all clear about the concepts that prevail in the market then you would not be able to make any type of profits. Unless you have the capability of facing the risks in the market you should never try to make any sort of your investment in the shares and stocks. To be able to face the risks you need to have all the right information of the stocks that you are sure of getting the maximum profits from the market. It is important to know that the right type of stocks can be gained from the market only through a good research and this can be either by looking at the stock charts or even by watching the daily news. This would help you to know the right and the latest stock updates of the market and you can gain good money. You need to find out how to get the perfect timing for my profit from the market?

Do not invest in stocks blindly

You should not try to make your investment in the stocks blindly as this would be a huge blunder for you. If you wish you can also visit different websites where you can get the right information on how much to invest in a particular stock to gain the maximum profit. You also need to make the right decision yourself without taking any form of guidance from your relatives and friends.  If you wish you can try to opt for day trading but the risks involved in it should be known to you clearly so that you can get the right information whether you are ready to go for this type of trading in the market. You can also make your doubts cleared by reading the regular newspaper. This can help you a lot to get the ultimate profits without any problem for your investment. You need to be very positive and get the right type of knowledge of the market.

Find the perfect plan for you

If you are looking to make your investment for   term trading then you can go for it but before that you need to look at the risks. You can also make your investment in the stocks that have shown good profits in the past. But this too you cannot be sure that it would provide you with the same amount of profit from the market. You would be pleased when you get all the right information of the share market.  You have to get the right timing so that you can gain the best return from your market. Thus you have understood how to get the perfect timing for my profit from the market? 

Why to know the latest knowledge of the market and stay positive?

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Maximizing your profit in the stock market should be the ultimate aim and so you need to gather the right information of the stocks that you are willing to invest in the market. You have to keep yourself much patient when you look forward to choose the stocks for you. In order to know where to invest in the stock market one needs to get all the latest updates of what is happening in the stock market. If you feel that investing in the market would be a huge risk for you which is unbearable then you should not try to invest in it. You have to identify the best stocks and so it is your responsibility on how much to invest in the market. You can try to go for investing in the online stock market that can help you to save a lot of your money. So in this case you need to take the right steps ahead so that you get the maximum gains. If you try to invest in day trading then you should try to understand the risks that are involved in it. You have to know that a single mistake in the market might lead you to lose your money that you invest in the stocks. So one needs to be very specific as well as careful not to make any sort of mistakes and try to look at the performances of the stocks. To be able to get the best stocks you need to get some time to research well and then invest in the stocks. You can also try to take some good steps by visiting different websites that can help you a lot in providing you all the information of the stock market. If you are able to identify the right website then you would not have to worry for your investment. Developing the right attitude and being positive in the market both are very important without which you cannot make any profits. If you fail to make good profits in the market initially you should not worry because it might take a lot of time to earn the best income from the stocks. So you need to wait for the right to make your investment in the stock market. You should also be able to understand why to know the latest knowledge of the market and stay positive?

Do not make any assumptions

You should know that stock market cannot be predicted and so if you try to make any assumptions about the market then you would not be able to get any sort of good profits and rather have to lose your money in the market. You have to identify the right ways how you can make the best income from the shares and stocks. Making the best use of your research is quite important because if you cannot take the right or proper decision in the market you would never be able to gain any good income from the stocks. This would make you go less confident in the market which would adversely affect on your investment plan. Trying to figure out things in the stock market would help you to get the right stocks for your investment in the market.

Do know how to make your investment plan

If you are able to know how to go for the proper investment plan then you would not feel much difficulty in the market. You have to know the ways how you can get the right stocks at the right point of time without making any sort of mistakes. You can also make your way into the long term investment. This can give you good profits provided you are aware of the risks involved in this type of investment. So the steps taken by you should be researched very well before investing in the different stocks. You have to stick to your own decisions without taking any sort of guidance from your friends. Thus it is important to understand why to know the latest knowledge of the market and stay positive?

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